Our Coaches

 are movement obsessed. 

 We care for every single member like family. We are constantly staying on the forefront of the best information to deliver the most effective training methods and ideology, not just regurgitating the latest craze. During classes, coaches and trainers are relentless to get you into the best possible positions to make the greatest benefit to you.

Working alongside Nutrition coach to give our members the best possible fitness journey.

Dudley Taylor

Head coach & Gym owner

Dudley is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and National Strength and Conditioning Weightlifting Level 2 Coach. He has been CrossFitting for the past decade since 2010, and with 8 years’ experience in coaching. His perceptiveness, which is one of his many strengths, enables him to pinpoint the keystone movement and lifestyle roadblocks and help to remove them to create growth in all our athletes.

Dudley understands what it takes to be strong-fit-healthy and lives what he preaches. He does not coach to be your best friend but rather to make you better, and friendship is usually just a side effect of his honesty.

When he is not moving heavy loads for long distances quickly, he’ll most likely be building equipment and creating a better gym environment in his never ending pursuit of virtuosity.

 Also, he is terrible at spelling, can’t have it all. ¯\_()_/¯

Zak Goold

CrossFit coach

Zak is a CrossFit Trainer who joined CrossFit Barwon since 2022 and is a passionate coach with experience around functional health!

Zak combines his expertise as a rehab, performance, and nutrition coach to empower members to function at their peak. Diving deep into individualised nutrition, Zak believes in tailoring nutrition & lifestyles strategies based on blood work, ensuring a truly personalised approach to wellness.

Passionate about holistic health, Zak harnesses individual strengths, ensuring every member not only reaches but exceeds their potential. Guided by the belief that optimal function is a perfect balance of strength, mobility , nutrition, and hard work.

Zak is on a mission to elevate health and performance, one member at a time. 

Raynu Thomas

CrossFit coach 

Raynu (aka. Ray) is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and has been coaching at CFBarwon since mid 2019. She values people immensely and loves being a part of their fitness journey. Outside of training, she is a pharmacist. She advocates healthcare for the whole person  – encouraging lifestyle changes to promote optimal health outcomes. She believes proper nutrition and exercise are fundamental to preventing chronic disease and promoting health.

She loves the community and the camaraderie that is formed through training together. She is passionate about seeing people growing into the best version of themselves, in all aspects of life. We train to be fit for life.

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