There is an optimised path to follow to start at CrossFit Barwon.

To achieve the best most comprehensive athletic development, all new students must first complete the Mechanics course, then follow by a Consistency membership, before progressing into the Intensity CrossFit membership.


Step 1 : Mechanics

6 PT sessions
$290/Once Off
  • The mechanics program is designed to give you a personal experience with your coach and new box(gym).
  • It consists of 6 PT sessions at your convenience.
  • The value is in the personal touch, our most experienced coaches will work with you to give you the best possible start on your new fitness journey. Everybody’s path can be different, so we’ll assess where you are at to best give you a clear path to your goals. All the while getting some great workouts in!
  • The price is once off and can be arranged by calling 0421 711 867

Step 2: Consistency

12 week commitment
AUD 40/week
  • Fortnightly payment
  • All new memberships start with a commitment of 12 weeks, after 12 weeks, memberships are fortnightly.
  • At CrossFit Barwon we believe if you are going to do something, go all in, there are no shortcuts. You want results, then commit to the program.

  • This part of our memberships is charged at the Intensity Membership rates.

Step 3 Intensity

  • *Option 1: Unlimited Intensity- $40 pw
  • Unlimited Intensity is exactly as the name implies, unlimited Classes for only $40 per week, paid fortnightly. Are you committed to achieving your goals? If yes, Unlimited is the best option.
  • *Option 2: 3 per week Intensity – $35 pw
  • Not everyone can train all the time and we understand so we offer a limited membership of 3 classes per week at a slightly discounted rate, also a great membership to those just starting out and still ramping up intensity, volume, and commitment.
  • *Option 3: Competitive Sport Intensity, $35 pw
  • Unlimited membership for anyone who competes in a sport, must be competing against other people usually having a season for said sport. Why discounts for people that play sport? To be truly fit you must learn and play new sports regularly, so at CrossFit Barwon we encourage everyone to play a sport to express their new found fitness.

Our Other Services

Optional services for those who want a little extra assistance in their training.


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Precision Nutrition ProCoach

365 day nutritional coaching, works synergistically with our CrossFit Training, focusing on habit formation and change psychology, to promote long lasting change and great results.

$19 per week,

or 50% discount if you hold a CrossFit Barwon membership

Casual Drop In

Visiting from another Box or supplementing your training with CrossFit? Casual classes are $20 and must be pre-booked weekdays by contacting us on 0421 711 867.

Weekends are open to all.


Personal Training

Do you have aspirations beyond what mere mortals are capable of? Personal training is available with Dudley or Sarah, PT sessions typically last 60 minutes and provide training specific to your requirements.

$70 per session


When can you train?


CrossFit Barwon

99 Strong Street, South Geelong, Victoria.

0421 711 867