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Workouts are different every day and modified to help each athlete achieve his or her goals. 

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Triple threat

CrossFit Barwon - Elite Chinese weightliftingChanging it up, going all three OLY lifts tonightWeightliftingSnatch (1x1)15 mins to find ‘todays’ heavy singlePower Clean (1x1)15mins to find ‘todays’ heavy singleSplit Jerk (1x1)Start light and work up to a heavy single...

The pursuit of mastery bears gifts.

CrossFit Barwon - CrossFitStrengthOverhead Squat (15 minute EMOM, 1 rep)Power Snatch (15 minute EMOM, 1 rep)Accessory WorkRomanian Deadlift (8 reps snatch grip, SS 16 supine ring rows, 3 sets)Deadlift starting at the hips and going down but not touching the...

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