Workout of the Day

So make the decision.

CrossFit Barwon - CrossFitStrength1]: Hang Power Snatch (EMOM x 10, 1 snatch high pull, 1 high hang PS)2]: Paused Back Squat (5 x 4 across at 80%+-)WeaknessesMetcon (No Measure)Flexibility: spend time in the bottom of a passive squat, set yourself up where you can...

1 Rep max again crew…this time clean!

CrossFit Barwon - Elite Chinese weightliftingWeightliftingClean (1RM)Full clean tonight guys, so get under it!Practice Warm-up (No Measure)Drills using only ourselves and KB’s Double KB Clean deadlift Double KB Clean pull Double KB Muscle Clean Double KB Power Clean...

I am weak. BUT, I don’t accept that.

CrossFit Barwon - CrossFitConditioningMetcon (Time)5 Rounds for time 20 Overhead rear lunge 40/30kg 20 Double unders 20 Wall ball shots 9/6kg to 10/9' 20 double undersWeaknessesMetcon (No Measure)Midline: 4 sets Banded Cross chop 8 each side 15 ghd sit ups Double...

CrossFit Barwon

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