SUPER TOATAL ( Tommy’s Birthday )


Its time to lift heavy shit and celebrate our not so little legends birthday.



CrossFit Barwon – CrossFit


Dont talk, just act.

Dont say, just show.

Dont promise, just prove.

I feel like im going to put some smiles on faces today as we are going to do everyones ( dudes ) favourite lift… BENCH

Remember the goal is hypertrophy ( volume ) so load is not the goal.. at this stage in the program.

Bench Press (4 x 8 ( Working Sets ) @ RPE 6)

Tempo is : 3120

E2MOM ( pump ) 8 Minutes (No Measure)

Deficit Push Ups x 8

V – Sit Ups x 10

Ring Rows x 12
Move with good intention.

Shapes and tempo are the goal.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Ski 8/10 Cal

Kettlebell Swing
In 6 minutes see how far you can get into the swings. Maybe the round of 14s…


Shoulder warmup (No Measure)

2 rounds of 10 reps of each:

Arm Bar
Bottoms up press

Finish after 2 rounds with 1 TGU per side

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– Dudley for personal training and admin; 0421 711 867
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