SUPER TOATAL ( Tommy’s Birthday )


Its time to lift heavy shit and celebrate our not so little legends birthday.



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But, if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself.

Test week! Day 3/5

Going heavy yet again with a deadlift today and out timed version on our Delta benchmark WOD. We’re challenging a bit of skill and midline endurance with the emom and also working on getting to a heavy Deadlift fairly quickly to mimic thats a lot of times in life you don’t get the best preparation. Thats ok. Just make the best shapes you can and see what your training has done.

Barwon Benchmark Delta (AMRAP – Reps)

15 Minutes to find:
5 Rep max deadlift
@ 15:00
EMOM x 10
30 double unders
“X” reps Toes to bar

Score your lowest round of Toes to bar

Deadlift go to warmup (No Measure)



10 side lifts

10 kB snatch

10 paused crunch

10 KB rear good mornings

15 Star jumps
review how to TTB and Double under briefly.

Then work on deadlifts positions and bracing as a group.

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