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Character is simply habit long continued.

Force Day

This technically shouldn;t be a new PR day but you might have got so many gains that htat does happen. try to complete all the sets in about 20 minutes and dont count anything under 80% as a working set. Goal of the wod is sub 7, scale accordingly.

Front Squat (10 x 1 at 80%+)

Elizabeth – Power (Time)


Power clean 61/43kg

Ring Dips

Squat warmup 2021 (No Measure)

30 Dead bugs

30 Hip swivel – no hands

30 Bird dogs

30 m Banded Side step ( 15 each way )

30 rear lunges off step

30 m Banded Side step ( 15 each way)

30 Wall sit march steps

30 Clam raises (15 each way)

30 Sissy squats – Keep high

30 Clam Raises (15 each way)

10 Jump squats AHAP
post this warmup do 3 rounds or 25 face pulls and 10 cat cows

per wod do 7-5-3

Power clean

ring dip

to get those patters rocking

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