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Power Day

New movement today, how many movemnt are there in how manu varations you ask, the lony limit to that is my imagination. this is a balance drill, probable as close to a snatch balance you can get but with a clean. then we’re not off the stamina train with your guessed it… more stamina based wods.

Clean (Halting at low hang and hang 2 rep max)

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100 DB walking lunge

30 Burpee pullups

100 DB walking lunge

Put on a vest if you hate yourself
the #1 question wil be “what weight do i use?” 25% dbw each hand is a good goal

Olympic LIfting Warmup 2023 (No Measure)

150 skips
15 per side touch down squats
15 per side Banded Deep lunge IR
15 per side KB kneeling hip shift
15 per side Ankle baned joint mob’
15 Pre side Touch down squats
Then all with 2″ pauses and .5-2.5 kg weights
15 Prone T raise
15 Prone ER raise
15 Prone Box raise
10 Tempo Back burners

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