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Force Day

Go BIG, and be brutal with your shapes in the bottom. if you have any questions at all or have to lean your head to the side to figure out if its low enough then you already know the answer…. it no btw. Then our now imfamous 11 Min EMOM sprint WODs. I hope the weights are right, that was the only thing i wasnt sure on, they are last foe a good reason, dont skimp on the bike to get the squats, you’ll be defeating the purpose of the WOD.

Paused Back Squat (6 x 1, at anything over 80% or 8 RPE, builld or across, up to you.)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

11 Minute EMOM

1) 100 Double Unders

2) 24/18 Cal bike

3) 12 Front Squats 70/47.5 kg


Squat warmup (No Measure)

4 rounds of 20″ on 10 Second off
air squats

3 rounds [
10 dead bugs WITH kettlebell
10 hip swivel
10 twisting bears]

Banded work
50 hip taps total
10 hip rainbows per side
50 psoas march
20 sissy squats
20 box step ups
10 deep goblet squats paused

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