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I’ll leave this open for anyone who wants to get after this, but also happy if you want to leave at any time. Could up upwards of a 2 hour WOD.

Use about 60% of your best lift then work our the rest fromthere? for example, Dudley is 90 KG, can deadlift 200 kg so 60 % is 120 kg, then that should be my maxumun deadlift, therefor that is in this case what i should use as my 150% BDW hence 120 Deadlift, 80 Bench, 60 Clean…. get that? I’ll put up a chart

Iron Triathlon (Time)


Deadlift 1.5 x BDW

Bench Press 1 x BDW

Clean .75 x BDW


2 rounds

30 death march steps

20 scap pushups

10 squat jumps

ramp bars

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