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Absoulute Classic WOD today, or I could even say Banger, can that even be said about a WOD?

The elusive chipper WOD that people think they love, well with all the fitness you may have gainded from the last 6month that we’ve done this i hope you can smash the park with this one, PLus you had a chance eariler in the week to to a set of 50 burpees so you know how it will feel 😉

Filthy Fifty (Time)

For time:

50 box jumps

50 jumping pull-ups

50 kettlebell swings

50 walking-lunge steps

50 knees-to-elbows

50 push presses

50 back extensions

50 wall-ball shots

50 burpees

50 double-unders

Men: 24-inch box, 16-kg KB, 45-lb. push press, 20-lb. ball

Women: 20-inch box, 12-kg KB, 35-lb. push press, 14-lb. ball

zak cool warmup (No Measure)

2 minutes of cals

2 rounds

side plank clam shell x 10 es
banded pull apart x 20
atg split squat x 10 es
scap push ups x 10

2 minutes

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