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Skill Day

“Gameify life.” Do you have equal reach on both sides? I’m guessing not, and it’s most likely just due to practice, so let’s work on it. Let’s possibly expand on our muscle ups as well by adding reps or weight. There’s a straight-up mental challenge in the WOD, plenty of time to rest, but many opportunities to not. Nothing too hard, just sucky.

Muscle-ups (EMOM X 10
1) 2 vertical jumps, lhs/rhs
2) 2-3 strict ring muscle ups – add weight if you want)

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

50 back rack rear lunge

50 burpees

50 back rack rear lunge

@50/35 kg


3 rounds of:

20 a skips

20 b skips

20 straightarm pull downs

20 table rocks

post skill:

20 bird dogs

20 rear lunge

20 dead bugs

10 rear lunge light

20 bird dogs

10 rear lunge medium

20 dead bugs

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