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I tested tis bad boy the other day but screwed up the warmup so i’ll give you guys a better one 🙂 also a winning one. It’s hard because the weights can be pretty big so perhaps being a bit more consertive in your weight choices. You may need a freind to hepl with weighter rows if you’re taking that route. Additionally if you have super strong squads and want to balance the glutes, switch to box squats.

Back Squat (5 sets of 3 or 8
@ 85% or 60%)

Ring Rows (5 sets of 3 or 8 weighted or othewise)

Make sure you stick to the 3:30 clock, get a set of each done in that time. We’re using the clock to add intensity in the future.

Accessory Work

Time permitting

4 sets

10 BSS per side

20 GHD sits ups

Winning Warmup

4 rounds in 15 min:

25 Hip Belt squats

25 Bench prone flys

25 Hollow rocks

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