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What a cool WOD to round out the work week with.

Very simple and again classic CrossFit style. There is no way about it, just go as fast as you can and hold on the the bar, bell or otherwise. Then in true open style try to hit a max lift after the WOD. Today a clean, most peoples favourite. If we have more than 7 ppl in a class, which is very likely, feel free to eitherwait 4 min or do a 1000m run instead.

Jackie (Time)

For time:

1,000-meter row

50 thrusters

30 pull-ups

Men: 45 lb.

Women: 35 lb.
once you finish jackie check the clock for a 12 minute window to complete your clean

Clean (Post wod 1 RM)


3 rounds of row bowling

into 1 round sper side

1 min foam roll quad

15 Deep lunge HS culrs

10 BSS


3 rounds

5 scap pullup

10 barbell front squats

10 barbell pushpress

then demolish the wod!

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