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HEAVY DAY ( For some )

Todays we’re hitting a heavy power snatch into overhead squat, idealy you’ll just fail this with a regular snatch but i understand this is not always the case for overhead squats. The main focus will be on a really solid recieving position. Get after it if you heva the shapes and if you do not then hit up super coach zak for stretched between sets to help. make him work for it.

Don’t skimp accessory.

Power Snatch (Heavy single with + 1 overhead squat)

Accessory work 25-11-22 (No Measure)

 ATG split squats at controlled tempo 10/10

DB pull over with breath focus 10

Side plank clam shells 10/10

Flow – Spine (No Measure)


Seal rocks

Kneeling Hindu Pushup

Quadruped Diagonals

Hip Abduction

Hip Rainbow

Spine Flexion, Extension, & Rotation

Shoulder Circles

Scapular Circles

Neck Rotations

Wrist Circles
Snatch technical work

Social Links (No Measure)

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