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Nobody can fall so low unless he has a great depth.


Today is about getting comfortable with pressing larger weights that you may not have done before. Don’t be afriad to fail  safe with a spotter. Good prep for the 1000lb challenge. Little AMRAP at the build posture and tension.

Board Press (4 RM)

Flat bench press with straig bar and yoga block on chest to decrease ROM

10-11-22 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Sumo deadlift high pull x 15

Evil wheel x 10

@45/30 kg


Get yo shoulders warm.

3 Rounds

1. Banded upright row x 12

2. Scap push up x 12

3. Ring row x 12

4. Single leg glute bridge 6/6

Shoulders (No Measure)

Review Board press technique

Post Bench do

3 rounds

5 SHDP building

3 evil wheels

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