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There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.

Fun partner wod with some heavy deadlifts. Pretty much if you don’t have the ability to pick up heavy things(relative obviously) then you’ll be easly pushed over.. in all things. So have a fair crack if you’re healthy and able today!

I wouldn’t use clips to be honest, waste of time.

WOD 5-11-22 (Time)

5 Rounds with a partner for time:

65/50 cal ski while partner wall sits before each round

10 Deadlifts each


8 Deadlifts each


6 Deadlifts each


4 Deadlifts each


2 Deadlifts each


Deadlift go to warmup (No Measure)



10 side lifts

10 kB snatch

10 paused crunch

10 KB rear good mornings

15 Star jumps
Review ski technique work

– Hollow at the top

– Motobike at the bottom

– Connect the two

Spend 10-12 min building to the final weight for at least one rep

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