CrossFit Barwon – CrossFit

Quality Work

June Positional Work Flexion (Weight)

Pre Class

EMOM x 5

5 ATG Split squats per side

Post Class

EMOM x 5

5 Weighted Back supported Shoulder Flexions


Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Starting a new set every 4 minutes, goal is sub 2 min for each set. (4 rounds total) Scale as needed.

6 Deadlifts at 1.5 x Bodyweight

10 Bar facing Burpees

14/10 Cal bike

Record fastest and slowest rounds


Deadlift go to warmup (No Measure)



10 KB crosschops

10 kB snatch

10 Box Jumps

10 KB rear good mornings

15 Star jumps
Deadlift technical work

– hinge action from the top

– finding the best bottom position

– how to TNG reps

Building to you game weight over 10 min

3 DL

4 down up over bar

5 cal bike

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– Dudley’s number 0421 711 867