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6/12: Ring muscle up skill

3 sets of the following superset [ use pro/regressions as required ]


vi) Strict ring muscle up x 5

v) False grip hold 30″

iv) Feet supported false grip hold

iii) Paused Elevated row x 10

ii) Paused Ground row x 10

i) Paused Incline row x 10

Hip speed [ 1 minute ]

GHD situp [ goal 30 ]

V snaps blocked [ goal 30 ]


5 weighted pass overs in press grip

5 skin the cats

German hang 30″

Table 30″

Table rocks with hands touching x 10


Metcon (Time)

For time


Wallball shot

Double under


Double unders

Rx+ Vest


Warm-up (No Measure)

EDWU into 100 band pull apart into ring work

Double under tech, work 😀

Perfect the single under

The the higher jump single under [or single leg skip }

Then throw in a double under [ or triple ]

Nail a few together!!!


then realize you have 50 wall balls YAY

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