CrossFit Barwon – CrossFit


4/12: Handstand walking skill

3 sets of the following superset [ use pro/regressions as required ]

1 minute of each


v) Hand stand walk obstacle up and back

iv) Hand stand walk [ must be able to get 3 meter at lease twice, 3 x 8 meter hs walk to progress ]

iii) Hand stand walk to wall [ must be able to get at lease 1 meter per rep, 2 meters x 5 to progress ]

ii) Shoulder taps on wall [ wrists/elbows/shoulder x 30 ]

i) Shoulder taps on box [ wrists/elbows/shoulder x 30 ]

Hollow rock [minimum, 20 / to progress, 55+ ]

Straight hollow

Straddle hollow

1/2 tuck hollow

Tucked hollow


Supine grip passive hang


The Team Trio CFG 2019 (Time)

For time


30 Ring muscle ups for time


Reps are as pairs so 15 of each basically but you cannot progress until your partner has finished the movement. This was done in a F/M pair
30 power clean and push jerks

30 Ring muscle ups

30 Power snatches


Warm-up (No Measure)

Medball madness then wrist prep then HS walking

Then so much tech…. all of the tech… main focus on how to cycle

then 3 rounds of 3 cj 3 mu 3 ps