CrossFit Barwon – Elite Chinese weightlifting


A: Behind The Neck Jerk (Daily Max)

Shoulder Press (Using DBs, max strict, then match using push press)

Start each set with a 20″ front rack hold at 110% of max jerk,

4 sets

Ring Dips (4 sets of 10, if you can do 10 add weight)


Shoulders (No Measure)

### EDWU 6.1 ###

2 rounds

10 Kettlebell swings

5 Arm bars per side

5 Tall kneeling Halo per side

5 Half kneeling Kettlebell bottoms up press per side

5 Windmill per side

5 Kettlebell snatch per side
add 5 flex press with pcv rnd 1 and bar rnd 2

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