CrossFit Barwon – CrossFit

Fittest in Cape Town OQ1 (Time)

For time

50 Cal row

10 Burpee over rower

40 Wall ball shots to 10″

10 Burpee over rower

30 Deadlidts 61/43 kg

10 Burpee over rower

20 Hand stand pushups

10 Burpee over rower

10 Thrusters 61/43


Shoulders (No Measure)

### EDWU 5.1 ###

2 rounds

10 Kettlebell swings

5 Arm bars per side

5 Tall kneeling Halo per side

5 Half kneeling Kettlebell bottoms up press per side

5 Windmill per side

5 Kettlebell snatch per side
Super set each movement with 3 KB goblet squats.

Warm-up (No Measure)

Lets play with the wallball/hspu/thruster combo

– learn this timing with a plate, then advance through the movements

Then 5 reps of each movement with empty bar