CrossFit Barwon – CrossFit



Back Squat (20 RM)

Breath! Reset! Brace & Squat!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Weak Quads

3 – 5 sets

15 Hip Belt Squats (approx 25% of 1RM)

Finish with

5min EMOM

20 Spanish Squats

Weak Back

3 – 5 sets

8 RDL’s – ride it down slow

5 min EMOM

20 Hip Extension


Squat warmup (No Measure)

10/side leg swings

10 leg flares

20 hip swivel

20 split squats

20m monster walk

20m backwards monster walk

10/side banded side step

10 banded plate squats, 5 without band

then 3 rounds

3 x 5 Reps goblet squat, bare foot with perfect form

dymanic hip flexion and extension

2 RM distance boardjump, no pause

Warm-up (No Measure)

While doing your warm up sets do

4-6 box jumps, low box, aim high

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